Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences | Okayama University


Doctor’s Course

Divisions Socio-Cultural Sciences

Departments :

1)Cultural Symbiotics

This department is a creative collective activity designed to consider the history and identity of a range of cultures and their effect on the symbiosis of mankind. By studying the ideas, histories, and current state of symbiosis in various cultures of the world, we aim to foster advanced specialized experts and researchers who can help to avoid conflicts and collision among cultures, values, and world-views, while maintaining and ordering the multiplicity of cultures, assisting in the vitalization and control of a multiplicity of cultures, and who can contribute toward building creative coexistence among different cultures throughout various regions around the world.

2)Human Social Science

The purpose of this department is education and research from a local or global perspective into the creation of order by individuals who have various cultural and social backgrounds that can lead to the harmonious symbiosis of mankind. By deeply and widely studying the history as well as current state in various fields such as literature, language, art, philosophy, religion, politics, and economics of Japan, Asia, North America, and Europe, we aim to cultivate advanced specialized experts and researchers with solid methodological support who can understand different cultures and engage in cultural exchange as world citizens and who can contribute toward solving problems that arise with regard to the harmonious symbiosis of mankind.

3)Socio-Economic Planning and Policy Science

The educational and research purpose of this department focuses on the symbiosis of industry and society with humankind, pursuing the theory and measures necessary to make the development of industry and local society possible from the perspective of social science or sociology. In bringing economic integration and cooperation between international regions under scrutiny, researchers in the fields of economics and management, geography, jurisprudence and the political sciences seek to find areas of cooperation with each other. In particular, we aim to foster advanced specialized experts who would be in leadership positions with the ability to design policy in industry, private companies or public organizations. Furthermore, we will cultivate researchers who can handle the technical studies in these fields both inside and outside of the country.