国立大学法人 岡山大学


国際社会専攻 高度人材育成プログラム

国際相互理解プログラム Program for International Mutual Understanding


The goal of this program is to foster competence for individuals who seek to explore the academic agenda on the law and politics from a global perspective. The MA thesis is to be completed in a topic of the law and political science (for example, International Law, International Organizations, and International and Comparative politics). The curriculum of this course is arranged to train researchers who have an advanced knowledge of his academic discipline and will be active internationally through conducting high-quality original research.


英語科教員育成プログラム MA Program in English Teaching


This section delivers courses required to earn teaching certificate for English language at junior-high and high school level (Junior High/High School Specialized Teacher’s Certificate). This program delivers to those who have already earned an undergraduate degree and Teacher’s Certificate. Students develop deeper understanding of English linguistics and literatures, while further developing English language skills. Our ideal teachers are someone who can vividly describe the English-speaking world and culture hidden behind classroom English language. Towards that end, our program is rich in courses taught in English, and students are expected to actively participate in classroom discussion in English.


グローバル法政プログラム Law and Politics in a Globalized Society

グローバルな視点から法的・政治的課題を研究・解決し,海外で国際的に通用する専門性を有した人材を育成することを前提とする。履修生は,法学・政治学の学問領域における最先端の実践知の修得に努めると共に,特定の課題に関する課題研究報告書を作成する。本プログラムのカリキュラムは,国際機関や海外展開の企業,NGO 等の職域で活躍するに足る人材の育成を目的として編成されている。

This program aims at fostering individuals who have a strong intent to address and settle the legal and political issues from a global perspective, and also have specialized knowledge and skills to work in an international arena. Students will work to attain leading-edge practical wisdom in the field of the law and/or the political science, and write a research paper on specific topics in this field. Our aim is to develop specialists highly-advanced enough to play active roles as civil servants at the international, national, or local levels, or employees at multinational corporations, NGOs and so on.


東アジア中核人材育成プログラム East Asia Core Human Resource Development

世界の諸地域における経済の現状,経済発展の歴史的展開についての専門的知識の習得を図ることによって,グローバル化が進展する世界経済の動向を的確に把握し,様々な問題に対処しうる人材を育成する。特に東アジア地域を中心に, 世界の中での日本経済や企業の組織形成について,理論的かつ実践的な知識を得るための教育を行う。

This program studies current economic affairs and the histories of economic growth in various areas of the world, and develops students who can understand the trends of the global economy and tackle its problems. It, moreover, considers Japanese economy and its company structures in theory and practice, especially focusing on the economy of East Asian areas.