Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences | Okayama University


Dean’s Welcome Message

Masao Tsuri

The foundation of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences is built on the faculties of Letters, Law, and Economics. We offer variety courses of humanities and social sciences, including Languages, Linguistics, Cultures, Philosophy, Art, Psychology, History, Sociology, Law, Politics, Economics, Public Policy, Business Administration, and Accounting.

Our master’s course is for people who hope to obtain educational training of the highest quality and acquire a master’s degree. Our doctoral course aims at the achievement of high quality research by doctoral candidates who hope to obtain a degree.

Our educational environment has a remarkable diversity, with students from Japan as well as other countries, both working and nonworking students of all ages, and students from full-time and part-time courses. This heterogeneity in the student population makes for enjoyable discussions and promotes the sharing of wisdom.

I believe that experiencing this graduate course will create a bright future for both yourself and society at large.